IML Strength Sports Strength Contest

Welcome to the first Strength Sports contest on IML Forums.

We are proud to announce that two sponsors have stepped up the plate to bring us one great contest, with two fortunate winners!

Special thanks to:
Purity Source Labs -- P.S.L for bringing $350 of there International EP line products!

Legend Pharma -- Thanks to Anton Fire they will be putting up a prize for a winner as well!

TWO winners, TWO sponsors, one contest!

The goal and outcome of this contest will be to demonstrate a dedication to strength sports and interest in furthering ones strength development to a new level. We will all support and coach each participant into increasing form and strength to further develop their power and increase their lift.

Lifts will take place in two categories, one winner in each category.

Bench Contest: The bench press contest will be to develop and increase the raw bench press over a period of time (six weeks). You would be AMAZED at what can change in six weeks with the right program and help. We want to see you develop your strength over a period of time and the individual with the most improvement will be our winner.

Deadlift Contest: The deadlift contest will be similar to the bench contest. Over a period of time (six weeks) we will help you develop your deadlift, work the weakness, and the individual with the most progress will be our winner.

This is a TRANSFORMATION contest. Not one of physique, but of strength. Don't get it wrong. This program and challenge can apply to anyone interested in PL or BB. Is having a bigger and stronger deadlift or bench going to make you smaller? No...


Each participant will create a LOG in this section. That log will begin with pictures and videos of the lift in which you hope to transform. From there we will help you with your program (if needed) and critique you over the period of weeks. Individuals that show the proper dedication and effort will win.

I am very excited to have this contest kick off, and very curious to see who has what it takes to see it through! It is easy to take some selfies and apply some instagram filters... it is another to put that weight in your hands...

ASK YOURSELF? Do I have what it takes to improve? To swallow my pride, show my weaknesses and work on it? Do I have what it takes to improve myself? If so, start that log and lets embark on a journey together!