Preparing for the RPS Summer Slam:

Competing FULL Power in the 220lbs class

I am 12lbs under weight and struggling. Thinking of doing a VERY BASIC slin protocol... Thoughts?

Currently my cycle looks set, but I am speaking with a sponsor and may be switching:
Dragon Pharma Tren E 800mg / week
Kalpa Test E 500mg / week
Anadrol 50mg / day

Training day 1 was yesterday. Deadlifts.

This is a FULL POWER event, so I will be doing squat, bench, and deadlift.

Going to be getting some extra coaching going into this.
In May I will be doing a seminar and getting some bench tips from Brandon Lilly
I also plan to get at least one training session in with Jimmie Pacifico before then.

My main coaches are Derek Wade and Zac Whalen. Both can be googled and are well established lifters.

Let the journey begin