Hey guys. I have the opportunity to pick up some injectable promo at half price for a limited time. I am super tempted to pick some up and throw it into a cut cycle.

Does anybody think it would be worth picking some up? I hear results are similar to mast and a lot of guys just prefer mast mainly because of the longer cycle and higher side to get all the benefits. On the other hand I hear some guys swear by it and love it. I even heard it's like eq/mast promoting endurance and physique without a large about of mass (would be perfect to me)

Would it be a good addition to a test p, tren a or even test tren mast cycle? I am going for a bit more of a lean athletic look then with a few veins than a massive guy with 4% body fat and it sounds like primo could help with proper diet. Any input on experiences, dose, thoughts, suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.