Gyno Questions :(

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    Gyno Questions :(

    So I have some minor gyno. I did have very small lumps and there's definitely more 'fat' on my chest which makes it a lot softer looking than the rest of my body (obviously) and my nips are a bit pointy (which is what I hate the most). I think it was caused by Superdrol I ran last year but E2 is very well responsible for it too.

    I've been cruising on 250mg/week of WP's Test. E. for around a month now. About two weeks ago I started taking 2.5mg/day of AY's letro, 25mg/day of AY's nolva, and .5mg/day of Researchstops adex. I noticed a pretty good change in the first couple of days which is why I wrote I did have small lumps but they're mostly gone now. There is still a lot of fatty tissue though and my nips are still a bit pointy. Since then I haven't noticed much else of a change in appearance. I didn't have a drop in sex drive, or any other noticeable side effects like sore joints however. I went and had labs done today and it'll be interesting to see what the results are.

    I just started my cut cycle, it's:

    250mg/week Test E
    100mg/day Tren A
    50mg/day proviron
    I'll be adding 100mg/day anavar later on.

    I've read that the nolva will upregulate progesterone receptors in the breast tissue for about two weeks then after that it'll start to cause down regulation. Which means I should be safe to run nolva now with the tren.

    So what I'm trying to ask is how the hell can I get rid of this gyno without having to get surgery. I've already seen a surgeon and it'll cost me 6k to get it done and keep me out of the gym for a month. Should I keep running the nolva while I'm on cycle, or just wait until I'm done then run Nolva and try using letro again? Also what dosage would you recommend for the nolva. I've seen 20mg/day or 40mg/day recommended. Lastly, what are your thoughts on using raloxifene instead of nolva (I haven't done much research on it yet but will start)?
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