Alright here's a good one for you.

So I have 2 weeks left in my cycle of Parabolan at 700 mg a week, test prop at 250 a week, and mast at 350 a week. I wasn't planning very carefully when I Started this cycle so Im leaving for Jamaica for 10 days this Sunday. I have a lot on my plate this month planning a move across the country when we get back but not before I organize and manage a huge trade show for my 9-5. I guess I just brain farted. A smart man would have started the test cyp 2 weeks ago so i can keep test levels up while on vaca then just stop the cycle when I get back and cruise on 250 test a week for the next 6 weeks or so. Anyway, So here are my options.

1. Take enough parobolan, test, and mast with me for the 10 days I'm on the beach. ( I travel all the time with gear never had an issue so not worried about that) although trying to avoid daily pins while on vacation.

2. Take a front load of test cyp like 1 gram before I go and hope for the best. I could take a few amps of test cyp and just pin 1 ml every 4 days.

3. Just take the test prop with me and pin 1.5 mls every other day.

Any and all advise would be much appreciated.