I recently been given 2mg of MGF and I have placed an order for 6mg of Peg-MGF.

Currently running HGH and Slin post workout, here is how I am planing to incorporate MGF into my protocol.

Immediately post workout 5IU Generic HGH (IM)
20 minutes post workout 200mcg MGF (bi-lat IM)
30 minutes post workout 15IU Humalog (SQ)

Natural MGF spikes around 10 minutes post workout, hence the idea behind the protocol posted above is to take advantage of both natural and artificial MGF spikes.

Once I finish that vial of MGF I will switch to 6IU of human grade HGH and start Peg-MGF. I read various protocols, some prefer to use Peg-MGF in similar manner as MGF, others prefer it on non workout days. Personally I like the idea of 300mcg (bi-lat IM) on non workout days (ie. every other day) as it means caring less pins with me to the gym.

I would like hear some input from experienced peptide users on my proposed MGF and Peg-MGF protocols.