Im 6'1" 220 right now. Have been dieting and working out 5-6 days a week for 4 months. Mostly strength increasing excerises. Once and a while I dabble with smaller muscles. I also go for a 1-2 mile run or do the P90x Plyo workout once or twice a week. I was at 246. My goal is to cut down to 205 or possibly 200 and stay lean and active. I always was but just had a child and got married, new house and you know what I mean. Got lazy, but boy what a mistake. I get 150 g of protein, 80 grams of fat and about 250 grams of carbs in a total calorie count 2500+- a few. I also drink 8-10 16oz. bottles of water per day. I take fish oil, flaxseed oil, multivitamin, creatine (im done with this now),and amino powder drink. A few others are a good ilk thistle, zinc and L-arginine. So again, my goal is to cut weight an get defined. I think im pretty close but this is when itgets tough. Any advice, help or critisizm would be great! Thanks everyone!