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Pep stack Frag 176-191, GHRP6/CjC no DAC, IGF Lr3+DES, Slin & AAS

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    Pep stack Frag 176-191, GHRP6/CjC no DAC, IGF Lr3+DES, Slin & AAS

    Have been blasting and cruising (currently blasting)
    Added Slin & IGF Lr3 + DES and have put on size in a calorie deficit

    I've got CJC no Dac and GhRp6 on its way.
    Thinking about adding in frag 176-191 but don't know where to add them in my protocol..

    Would I add it to my AM and PM dosing of cjc/ghrp?
    I think I'd have to drop the Novalin given timing issues with fasting and when I need to eat.

    & is all this synergistic or a bit overkill? As you can tell, I'm really looking to reach a whole new level this year.
    I've been putting on roughly 10lbs/year with proper dieting and my blasting/cruising protocol. I did however go up to 5400 calories on my previous bulk (from a 3200 TDEE) & was still lean, dry and striated.

    I don't want to go with synthetic Gh or synthol.

    Open to all input

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    According to DatBTrue -
    Yes it can work well. You need to understand many things... people simply don't want to take the time to learn anymore.
    First you need to separate GH's lipolytic effect from its other effects.
    When you do this you will see that lipolysis does not happen right away. It takes a specific amount of time before it starts.
    Second there is a limit to how much lipolysis will be created with GH. That means a little is all you need and for that unit of time more will be no more effective.
    Third there are other things that can be used in conjunction w/ GH to increase lipolysis beyond the GH effect threshold.
    So that leaves you with timing. When lipolysis is occurring you want to be in fatloss mode. That means no surplus energy and it means doing things to oxidize the newly liberated fatty acids.
    Often people are eating and have increased insulin levels by the time lipolysis is in full swing. That for the most part negates fatloss.
    Then you need to understand how long lipolysis will last.
    So all of this becomes part of a protocol. You don't just expect something to work w/o the proper environment. You can achieve the lipolysis threshold induced by GH w/ synthetic GH, GHRH/GHRP or GH Frag 176-191.

    You should understand GH Frag 176-191 and use it properly. Proper use would be on fast day or days where you fast half the day.
    A reconstituted vial degrades fairly quickly and so a whole vial should be used w/in a few days.
    If you dose 1mg for the day the way to make it work is to dose 200mcgs every few hours five times during the entire day.
    It is best if that day is fairly fasted and if you do eat a meal keep the blood glucose response to the meal contained and do not dose around that meal (or it will be wasted).
    Note, that you will not waste away muscle in a fasted state and empty stomach cardio will not eat up muscle. The release of fatty acids or lipolysis is an anti-catabolic event. It is why GH in part is anti-catabolic.
    Awaken in the morning and do empty stomach cardio after waiting for the GH induced lipolysis to be in full swing (from say previous GHRH/GHRP administration) and you will be able to effect fatloss and not worry about muscle loss.
    Anyway I am not here to teach someone how they could go about doing something. I am just passing by and thought I would comment.
    This will be a log of my subjective thoughts on this peptide.

    This will be a 5 week high dose experiment.

    I will begin in about a week. I will use 1mg per day for 10 days and 2mg per day for the 25 days thereafter. The daily dose will be split into several doses (perhaps 5 doses a day).

    The experiment will attempt to remedy the following potential explanations for poor results:
    The fact much of it is 177-191 instead of 176-191.

    I will use 176-191.

    Dose needs to be higher and more frequent (i.e. every 1 to 2 hours)

    I will dose 200mgs every 3 hours (5x a day) escalating to 400mgs every 3 hours.

    Fragility of peptide/ poor shipping

    I will just hope and pray.

    Adsorption (Peptide and proteins have a tendency to adsorb to surfaces, and this can pose a significant problem in their delivery. ...most biotechnology- derived proteins are very potent, so doses are very low. Thus, even small amounts of adsorption may lead to a significant loss of drug. *

    I will use a reconstituted vial in 1 or two days.

    Probably better to combine it with some GH

    I will be taking the GHRH/GHRPs as well.

    Rats (highly effective) are different then humans (???)
    This fragment doesn't naturally occur in humans

    The fact that most users across the boards do not report the side-effects of "glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, sodium retention resulting in hypertension and edema" tells me that the quality of their peptide is poor BECAUSE these are side-effects that DO show up in clinical trials.
    that's an expensive run.. Maybe not worth experimenting, although other journals have claimed 2-3x dosing of 200-300mcg is effective.

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