Have been blasting and cruising (currently blasting)
Added Slin & IGF Lr3 + DES and have put on size in a calorie deficit

I've got CJC no Dac and GhRp6 on its way.
Thinking about adding in frag 176-191 but don't know where to add them in my protocol..

Would I add it to my AM and PM dosing of cjc/ghrp?
I think I'd have to drop the Novalin given timing issues with fasting and when I need to eat.

& is all this synergistic or a bit overkill? As you can tell, I'm really looking to reach a whole new level this year.
I've been putting on roughly 10lbs/year with proper dieting and my blasting/cruising protocol. I did however go up to 5400 calories on my previous bulk (from a 3200 TDEE) & was still lean, dry and striated.

I don't want to go with synthetic Gh or synthol.

Open to all input