As one of the leading companies in the supplement industry and with strongest and most quality products available, we want to see you cycle properly and not dive in headfirst without knowing how to swim. It not wise to begin with something such as Super-DMZ 3.0, forget about it at this point. It has 3 potent compounds, 4 once it's metabolized by the body.... not something for beginners as each individual compound can host it's own list of sides and may be very much to handle for a first timer. Also consider, if you start out with the best on the market, where do you go from there after you complete your cycle? I'd recommend the KISS method to cycling, Keep It Simple (the last part isn't necessary, I'm sure you can guess what the last S stands for). Go with something mild in terms of sides.. all our products work, they work great, and all of them will give you excellent results provided you put the work in and diet properly, train smart, and drink plenty of water. Here's my recommended suggestion for everyone to use as a first cycle to see how everything works whilst on cycle without having to worry so much about side effects.

Weeks 1 - 6
3 caps upon waking

Advanced Cycle Support
3 caps prior to bed

Halo Extreme
3 caps upon waking

Weeks 7 - 10
Tamoxifen Citrate
20mg (1mL) prior to bed

Advanced Cycle Support
3 caps prior to bed

Weeks 10 - 12
3 caps prior to bed

Advanced Cycle Support
3 caps prior to bed

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2x Epi-Andro
2x Advanced Cycle Support
2x Halo Extreme
1x E-Control
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Hardcore Peptides
1x Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)
Total $47.99 incl shipping (with discount "ADREN20" at the checkout)

Beyond getting blood work, it would also be wise to take regular checks of your heart rate, as well as your blood pressure.

You will also want to use normal staples such as
IML Maximum Pump (Pre-Workout)
IML Flex Rx (Joint/Tendon Support)
IML Complete Protein (10 sources of Protein, low calorie, low sugar)
IML Essence EFA (Omega-3 Complex [EPA/DHA])
IML Multi Rx (Enhanced Vitamin/Mineral Complex - Designed Specifically for Athletes)
Vitamin C (Immune Support)
Zinc (Immune Support)
Taurine (Blood Pressure Support/Prevention of Back Pumps)
Potassium (Essential Electrolyte for Hydration, Alleviates and Prevents Cramping)
1.5 gallons (192oz)+ water daily
^^Contact me if you need my recommended dosages for any of these.

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