Ok so I have been back and forth on prami or caber but I cannot find a source I trust for caber, so I got prami from r*s**rchst*p at .5mg a mL. I've done research and read all threads. One side effect I cannot have is falling asleep while at work. And I can't always take it at same time during day cause I'm on call and I'm not gonna take it before work. I'm assuming one can adjust to sides over time if starting low and gradually increase. So my plan was to run .05mgs for 1st 2 weeks, then adding .05mgs every 10-14 days never going above .3mgs a day. I'll be running tren E 400mgs weekly for 10 weeks. Does this seem like a conservative enough plan to reap benefits of prami while being able to build tolerance to stay awake. Any input would be appreciated. I'm hoping starting as low as .05 and not going above .3 will keep me awake during shifts at work. Some people are prescribed 4.5 mgs a day, that would take me over 2 weeks to reach.