Ok so I've been busy rehabbing and getting myself back to normal.... And guess who's back in full swing bitches. Yeah its about that time for the hate mail to start. Shit is getting fucking lame in here.

I have let Sherk and Freight take the reigns and they have done a great job. Can't thank them enough and thanks to everyone that helped me get through a pretty shitty period!!

As far as AMA goes it biz as usual, awesome quality, sales and looks like everyone is kicking ass in the Transformation contest (Heavy looks a little tough to beat right now) but WTF has happened to the boards?? Dirty batches going out and excuses being made for it, another source trying to come up on the "Alpha" name?? Then you have the "private" source thats about as private as a bathroom at IHOP but uses that for attention. Don't trip i still like the selling gear by showing yourself in panties but i cant pull that off. Then we have the traitor Blue team claiming they have the clearest gear in the market and talking like they are the only ones that have high grade quality??

With all that in mind Im bringing back the VIP program for the real Alphas still left in this bitch and to the new ones coming into the boards. Those that are already VIPS know whats on the horizon and know the benefits of being a VIP. Vip pricing, access to the store during closing periods and knowing your part of a group of bad motherfuckers who could care less what other people think. Im gonna be tryin to work with the Crew on putting together something very nice for ya.

For information on becoming a VIP pm Sherk, Freight or myself. I just cleared my box for all the pussies to pm me that you shouldnt talk this way on here because it might offend some people.

Yes i have been drinking and yes I am back on Tren

AMA salute to ya.... "Go fuck yourself!! "