First and foremost, SF would like to thank all of our incredibly large repeat customers, It's our unwavering dedication to you that we give thanks..
For our NEW customers,We realize how fortunate enough we are, that you have chose us..

For those who are unfamiliar with our services, is a business that has been growing steadily over the past 2 years,as we understand that our role in the ANABOLIC society and our moral obligation is to pertain to our customers..We've always taken our customers needs into consideration,we've demonstrate that by listening to what you have to say...

Caring for our customers has never been more important!

It was these exact notions that helped us grow to be who we are today!

As we explore everyday,and find new innovated ways to to exceed your expectations by providing our customers with the finest shopping experience,coupled with unparalleled customer service..

It brings us great pleasure to introduce one of the newest/finest Anabolic Pharmaceuticals on the market today!

Keep your eyes peeled for these guys,because they promise to make a lot of noise, and challenge any contender in the Anabolic circuit.. present to you ----

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(The product list will be updated shortly in our ONLINE store)

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We're not done yet, so don't go anywhere!

We'd also like to make an intro in regards to a fine Pharmaceutical group that has made some great accomplishments in the European market..

SF will be carrying an ORAL line from this exceptional Pharma Group.. finds it tp be our mission to build a strategic alliances with the most reputable laboratories on the market (Sciroxx/Valkyrie/Pharmacom) to ensures our clients security and comfort that they are buying the finest authentic product available.

Warmest Regards, Team Fax

Team Supervisor-Vision

PS..Soon there will be a LIVE customer service available,because we value our customers, and it's important that we listen to what you have to say..We will see to it that we answer all of your questions and concerns!