for a chick cycle

Im looking to add quality muscle

I have at my disposal
var, winny, tbol, primo e, test prop, tne, npp, clen, albuterol, some massive ephedrine tabs that im actually afraid to try... all in cycle amounts with varying experience with each and not afraid to use any of them except maybe the massive ephedrines..that sounds silly doesn't it...

so what should i play with next?

my gym time has been terrible with working two jobs but thats over now...Im getting over mono and now apparently the fucking flu?? and I've lost a lot of muscle.
my diet is good but not perfect right now but thats easy to remedy..little tough to get on point this week because of an out of town traning thing i gotta do but will be a piece of cake next week and there after.

so what terrible ideas do you guys have for a chick cycle?