Just a quick post to get myself started. I've been training the Westside BB Conjugate system for a couple of weeks now. Today's workout is below. Gym is going through a renovation of sorts so a bunch of things were missing and I was in a rush so I only got 2 exercises in. I know this contest is Deadlifts and Bench but today was a squat day so I thought I'd share it anyway. I'll get my deadlift max next time. I'm sure I'll get more detailed as time goes on and when I do a full workout. Tomorrow I have more time for the bench workout and I'll be able to post my max for the bench press contest here.

Current stats:

235lbs - last week. I'll check again tomorrow see if it's changed to be more accurate.

Max Effort: Squat

Squat - back squat neutral stance. Worked up to a 495 single. (video coming)
Glute/Hip Thrusts: 315 x 12 x 3. I've got some more in me with these I can tell.