Hi guy's how's everybody doing?
I made this topic to ask you guys about all the diet's formulas of the body building.
I just came off my cutting cycle and I ended up at 165lb with 10-13% of body fat.
The formula that I used to make the diet was:
FAT=20% body weight (kcal)
PRO=1.5g x body weight
CAR= BMR - (pro(kcal) +fat(kcal)=
Now I started at 2500 of BMR and I ended up at 2000 decreasing some kcal each week whenever I needed to.
What I want to ask u professional guys is?
1-how do u guys calculate the BMR while cut/bulk/maintaining

2-what are the formulas to calculate the protein intake while cutting/bulking/maintaining

3-what amount of fat should I be eating on cut/bulk/maintaining

4-how many carbs are needed while cut/bulk/main and what their formula.

Hope somebody will help me out!
Thank u in advance...