We are on High alert!!!!!! We have just received a steroid fax from a trusted uncle. How do i know i can trust him you say?? Well he is of the purist of source. In this alarming fax that was delegated code Crimson (ok not very high priority but enough to take caution) there has been information brought to us that an agent has been captured that proves that there are terrible experiments being conducted on the free people. This individual captured was once a man but is now this green monster with tits and a huge dick (or clit cant really tell). Frightening information indeed!! He was captured roaming a public place in just panties thinking he was in a private location. Obviously the experiments had effected its logical thinking. We have unleashed our dogs to roam and gaurd the perimeter of this sanctum. During a patrol one of our pits must have been effected. He came back with wild stories of a greek god coming not down from the heavens but up from a puddle of mud trying to get him to drink dirty bathwater. He is now quarantined as his quads and shoulders are extremely swollen and red. We do not want this to spread to the population and we need to get to the bottom of what happened to him. Shit i gotta go.... Another report just came in that we have a traitor that just stole the blueprints to some of our stuff. Yep... Martial Law has been declared. Time to get the goods out to the Army so we build them up nice and strong to fight this evil that is upon us. Take care my pits more to come... Information will be disseminated as needed. Don't worry we are on gaurd. VIPs stay vigilant and report anything that seems amiss. We will be putting together a sale for you VIPS.

AMA Salute - "Go fuck yourself"

Yeah im a dick So for most of you this shouldnt be to hard to swallow.