5"6, 165. This would be my 5th or 6th cycle. Only new compound would be primo. My thoughts would be too run 8 to 10 weeks Of cutting and then pick up the primo to condition and put some lean weight on while staying pretty low on bf (primo and diet). Ill start at about 175 and 11-12% and looking to get below ten. Very good physique but not to the point people know I'm on gear.

Weeks 1-18 250mg test p
Weeks 1-8 525mg mast p
Weeks 1-8 525mg tren a
Weeks 3-8 t3 taper up to 75-100mcg and back down
Weeks 5-8 50mg winny ed (hopefully the primo picks up were winny left off)
Weeks 7-18 525mg promo e

Maybe some tbol to put on some ripped mass with the primo

Of course
Caber .25mg eod
Aromasin as needed
Hcg 2 weeks on 2 off
Hcg blast into pct
Nolva 20/20/20/20
Clomid 25/25/25/25

The more I read primo sounds better to maintain and condition and slow lean mass than just for cutting.

Three main questions for all
How does this cycle look?
Do you guys think the cut would get me into beach body shape and the primo would help keep me there for summer without cutting so many calories?
Will the winny be wasted once I come off or will primo keep that dry look going?