I just wanted to share my experience so far with Olympus's test e at 750 mg/week. Please keep in mind that the test I'm using is from the anniversary sale, not from the March sale. I am currently 10 weeks in on a 15 week run. For the first three weeks, I would say I had the "test flu" symptoms like fever, chills, cold sweats, etc. Nothing unexpected. Here is a breakdown of everything. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

Bulk and add quality mass. Little body fat increase is fine.

First, I would like to explain I am not bashing OP, I am loving the results I have, but wow the PIP I have been getting from every single injection has been pretty harsh. Rotating from quads and ventro glutes for injection sites. The first two weeks it was literally affecting the way I walked, and I could not do any leg workouts, but improved a little after that and now I have been training legs hard and heavy. I get pretty significant swelling at the injection site that usually last 4-6 days and subsides. I freaked out at first thinking it was infections, but concluded it was not. I'm almost convinced that I may be having an allergic reaction to something in the oil, either that or the 1" 25 ga. needle not getting deep enough into the muscle. This is an annoyance, but I can put up with it as is all part of the game.

I have obtained my goal so far and I am still gaining. I started at 215-218 and now I sit comfortably at 235-238. Strength is up. Went from bench pressing 225 for sets of 8, and now getting 225 for sets of 15. This is a big step for me, for I have extremely long limbs and increasing in strength seems to take longer for me compared with my workout partners. Overall, I am impressed and still making good gains.

This was/is the biggest challenge for me. The approach I have with the diet is that diet is the most important aspect of bodybuilding, therefore I put the most effort into my diet vs training/supplementing. I work full time at an engineering firm and thankfully I can take a break to the kitchen at any time and heat up my meals. The problem is, eating enough food for me is a huge task, as I am trying to take 5000 calories daily. I eat the standard "clean" foods (chicken, steak, eggs, brown rice, greek yogurt, etc) and I find that the test is causing bloating problems making it hard for me to put down that amount of food. To compensate for any calories I need at the end of the day I will have a 650 calorie protein shake and add them in as needed. Again, this is the biggest challenge for me. I have read that there are remedies for this, such as adding in EQ to help support a good appetite. I think I will implement this into my next cycle for the stated reasons.

Great gear (aside from the PIP issue), very easily to work with, my order was flawless. Packaging was great. Would definitely order from them again. As a side note, is Tren A known to be harsh on PIP? I will be running Tren A with Test E for my cutting cycle following this pct and time off. Any information would be great. Anyways this is my review, closing I would like to thank 5150 even though he is no long with OP for his excellent service, and Olympus as well for the great gear. Peace.