The previous thread I started died, but here's where I am.
NPP 450mg/week
Test Prop 350mg/week
Dbol 30mg ed

HCG 250iu e3d
Caber .5mg e3d

Was running aromasin at 30mg ed and estro came back in the 90's leading me to believe it was under dosed.
I am now on day 7 of 40mg of nolvadex ed and 1mg of arimidex ed, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Still have lumps that are easily felt under my nipples and they're still tender. I do feel like my libido has gone up the last week or so which may be because I'm getting estro back in a decent range.

I'm dropping dbol tomorrow, will that make a huge difference?
How long is Nolva and Adex supposed to take before really working against and in the prevention of gyno?

I also started a low dose of Masteron a couple weeks ago