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    First labs

    Age 43
    12% bf
    Diet clean
    3k calories50 protein, 30 carb20 fat clean

    2nd cycle first prohormone year ago

    First3 weeks dmz 3.0 with advanced cycle support
    Starting week 4 test e 250 mg 2x wk Tuesday and sat
    Aromasin 12.5 ed
    On week 5
    Planning 12 wk cycle then pct

    Labs take wed 1130 am
    Breakfast 50 gram protein shahe 2 piece ezekiel bread

    No smoking, alcohol, clean diet

    Workout 5x wk off two days cardio

    Libido good
    Feeling good

    Nolvadex, caber, letro, and armidex all on hand

    readyhttp://<a href="http://s1053.photobu...&#91;/IMG]</a>

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