Looks like the tds are starting to land but we wanted to address something. I won't go on a customer bashing rant as some others might at this point but i do ask for you guys to be patient. I won't go into detail here but if you were told your package went out on a certain date, IT DID. This means it was out of our hands at that point and normally they are turned around very quickly. When they are not, there is a very good reason for it and that reason is normally in ours and your best interest if you follow me. It has been said on other sources threads and i will have to reiterate it - This is not protein you are ordering. All we ask is that you be patient and if you think you have been waiting longer than you should then please EMAIL us with any questions. There is nothing the REPS can do to expedite. Email Blue directly and your questions will be addressed but it looks like the orders that were held up are beginning to show up. The huge sale and the quality will more than make up for it but regardless we would like to apologize.