Going all natural (for a while anyway)..... I have done gear a few times and PH cycles. This summer I'm going to try my best to cut with as little supplements as possible. If I feel the need I may add a pre workout and maybe a thermogenic. But for now I'll be taking arginine along with citrulline malate, aminos, and from time to time hemavol.
Ht: 6'2
Bf:questionable but I'd say 18% to be on the safe side(no visible abs but vascular in arms, slightly in shoulders, fairly vascular in quads and calves) I no...I should have it checked
Calories/protein: 2k/cals at most 200 grams at most of protein

Some say go higher with protein but the way I work...protein=calories=not something I want to many of IMO

I'm prepared to lose a lil muscle. But goal is a solid lean 215-220. And 10-12% Bf. ( abs is my real goal )

Upper arms=17 no pump and hanging hair over 18 with pump
Forearm=14 1/2 no pump
Waist= not sure. 34x34 express jeans and big star pioneer are to big in waist but fit legs TIGHT