I write email to hygetropin.com.cn. 1 day later i check email for reply and hygetropin.com.cn said he will contact his UK agent and he will send the stuff!

Ok! Hygetropin UK write me email with prices! Simon!!

I asked him for bulk prices and normal prices ok he sent.

Alright i said i'll buy first 10box 100iu kits he said 1.85usd/iu!

Ok i paid i sent the money 1850usd + 100usd shipping!

Now its 3 weeks+ and never delivered and not answering for emails nothing!

Its good that we not sent more money for bulk 50-100boxes or more!!

Hygetropin.com.cn scam site and Simon UK agent SCAMMERS!

spread the world to each big and good forum be aware people

Thank you

Greetings from Europe