What's up,, after freaking out a little on my bloodwork,,, first time ever doing based on the forums advice,, I've realized all is well. I started with a harsh oral dmz 3.0 with cycle support so the elevated stress on liver and kidney levels were to be expected.

Stats 43
2nd cycle my first was prohormone over a year ago
5.5 150 11-12% body fat

Goal lean bulk first cycle
Diet is clean 2800-3000 cals
Macros current 50 protein, 30 carb, 20 fat
Workout 5 days
cardio, 35 min, on two days not working out

Wk 1-3 dmz 3.0 and cycle support daily
Wk 4-15 euro test e 250mg 2x wk tues and Sat
Aromasin 12.5 ed
All pct in place for end of cycle- including letro, Arimidex , caber, and Nolvadex just in case needed

Starting wk 6
Up 10# so far! no added bf%

Blood test
Testosterone >1500 range of 348-1197
Lh and fsh both <.2
Estradiol 53 range 7.4-42

Will get results for total test next time

Labs again in two weeks!

Thanks to the Z for legit product

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