Sorry I haven't been around lately. PM's will be returned soon.

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    Sorry I haven't been around lately. PM's will be returned soon.

    For all the members who have been trying to get in touch with me, I apologize.
    I am not ignoring you nor trying to be rude to you in any way.
    I have been dealing with the death of my girlfriend’s father from liver cancer and also the deaths of two very close friends who were killed by a drunk driver.
    I will return all your PM’s as soon as I get a chance and I will help you with whatever issues you’re having.
    I’ll be back on the forums regularly starting Monday the 12th.
    I appreciate your understanding and patience.
    Again, I apologize for not get back to those of you who need me to take care of something for you.
    I am sorry if I upset you by not responding sooner.

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    You got a PM

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