Now I've been training as a competitive bodybuilder for over 25 years and have never been a great eater in terms of the amount (to the standard of other bodybuilders). I generally eat clean and will keep some form of abs all year round or atleast stay within a few weeks from decent abs due to possible photo shoots. However I see many bodybuilders who just look puffy and bloated. They talk about how they eat 5, 6, 7 whatever amount of times each day plus some protein shakes on top but they do not train hard, which results in a look that is a cross between a beer drinker and a bodybuilder. Most of these guys never compete so will never have abs and are only concerned about how far that needle (on the weight scales) moves to the right. Do not get caught up in the weight game. Cut your food bill by atleast 20-40%. Of course you won't look as big but you will look better - what would you prefere?