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Swiper inspired cycle?

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    Swiper inspired cycle?

    We all wish we could be Swiper. Alas, none of us are Swiper.

    Here is Swiper's last cycle:

    test e 1350 ew

    tren a 100 eod

    deca 450 mg ew (for joints)

    adrol 100 mg Ed

    t3 50-75mcg Ed

    clen 2 weeks on 2 off.

    5 iu gh Ed

    I am not Swiper. (Sniff, sob)

    6' 0" 215 lbs, visible abs (barely), not sure on bodyfat %

    46 years

    Four prior cycles, always with PCT and time off until now, and more than 18 months off between cycles three and four. The last cycle was 600 test / 300 NPP, increased to 900 test 400 NPP the last couple weeks (which was great!). After the last cycle ended 5 or 6 weeks ago, I decided to cruise on 300 mg weekly test.

    Here is how I am going to modify Swiper's cycle ever so slightly.

    test e 900 ew (should I up it to 1200 to more closely mimic Swiper's 1350?)

    tren e 400 ew (I have enanthate, I have used ace before)

    deca 400 mg ew (for joints) (LOL! That parenthetical is actually Swiper's comment)

    anavar 100 mg Ed

    t3 50-75-100mcg ed

    clen 2 weeks on 2 off.

    5 iu gh Ed <---- NOPE, can't afford that!

    aromasin 25mg daily.


    The Deca is going to start with NPP and transition into Deca, since it will take a long time to get the Deca going "for my joints."
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