Hi, all

First off; Please be critical and blunt when replying. I am taking the research&prep part of starting with steroids very seriously, and I greatly appreciate all replies - please keep them on-topic and informative. My knowledge of AAS and its usage is theory-only, so I hope to get some guidance from you vets.

I am starting my first cycle in August, need to cut some BF first (<15%).
Stats: 27 yrs old, 1.80cm (5-11) tall, weight 95kg (210 lbs), BF 20%, done sports all my life & serious weight-lifting last 5 yrs (lifted weights since age 16).
Diet is clean, 3500-4000 kcal/day when on cycle.
Daily supps: Creatine, Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, BCAA, fish oil, Vitamin D, Multivit, ZMA.
On-cycle training: 5x5 heavy compound
Water intake: Around 1.5gal (5-6 liters) daily
Goals are to maximize muscle gains during cycle (Duuh..), to do this in a "safe & sober" manner, and most importantly keep as much of the gains post-cycle as possible. I WILL NOT be consuming whatever I can get my hands on just to gain size. I am a patient guy with a long-term plan.

My first cycle (Test-E @ 500mg, 12 wks)
Wk 1-12: Test-E 500mg EW (Mon+Thurs)
Wk 1-15: Aromasin 12.5mg ED
Wk 1-12: HCG 500iu EW (250iu Mon+Thurs)
Wk 13-14: HCG 500iu ED // stopping use 5 days prior to PCT
Wk 15-18: Nolva 40/40/20/20mg ED + Clomid 50mg ED

I will NOT frontload. I may however do this on my second or third cycle. No hurry.

I will do blood work pre, mid and post cycle; Free testosterone, overall testosterone, estrogen, E2, LH.

If you do not agree with my drug choices and dosages, I encourage you to question them and preferably educate me (and the rest of the readers) on why you do not agree.

Thank you!