Hi Guys,

I am currently trying to gain mass and I am training hard, problem is my work involves a lot of physical work during the day, so I know I really should be aiming for at least 3500 - 4000 calories or more if possible

I live and work in Spain, and I only eat fresh food, no packaged food or processed foods, and I cook my own daytime food, wife cooks everything else (really well )

Problem I am having is trying to work out how many calories I am actually getting in, especially as nothing out here has any quantities listed as its all fresh and homecooked.

I am 35 currently about 170llbs, with 9% body fat 5'10, seem to be making good gains, but would just like to make sure I am getting it almost right.

I don't hold much fat at all, and never have, so I am not worried to much about fat intake, until I am ready to start cutting.

Currently at the gym for 4-5 days a week, no cardio (dont need it)

So basically I am asking if anyone has a good place to go on the internet or system they use to work it all out, or even just an estimate based on what I have below.

Below is what I eat on a good day......

Normal day;

Up at 7:30 Protein shake with whole milk

8:30/9am, 3 egg omelette 2 rashers of bacon or lean sliced pork (spanish thing!) toasted baguette and fresh tomatoes.

11 am Another shake with whole milk

1pm T
upperware meal, normally a small chicken breast with potatoes/rice or pasta (normally sweet potato mash)

3pm either another small tupperware meal or a snack, nuts, cheese, spanish ham, tortilla (spanish omelette with onions and potatoes)

4pm gym until 5 ish

6pm big dinner lots of chicken, steak or pork with rice potatoes or pasta. (lots of saucy foods ie. curries,casseroles,morrocan stews and much more!)

9/10pm sometimes more of what had at 6p,, or if not a shake or sometimes nothing.

Thanks in advance guys