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TD!??? ORRR...not..

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    TD!??? ORRR...not..

    not very happy with AMA at all sorry. seems like a pretty strong source but i dont know where to begin. the communication was 99% horrible if it was for communication here and there with sherk it woud have been 0% communication. took forever to process my order after payment. finally said was shipped and took almost 3 weeks. after placing order i waited a lil over a month. so i got my pack it was completly soaked the wrapping was terrible the bottles all broken even the pill bottles cracked. i have no idea what is what cuz the labels all fell off due to all m vials smashed =[. please if anyone could help me out this is pretty tragic and i just wasted all that time and money im wicked upset i can begin to tell you. no shitting on AMA here by the way im just stating a fact and incident..smh..."/
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