i took my dog out the other day , he is an 8 months old central asian shepherd pretty big 125 lbs... as i was training him with a long 10 m leash , i decided to throw a plastic water bottle for him to fetch. i threw the bottle not far about 6m away and i was holding on to the leash...the dog just rushed forward to the bottle....i did not realize that the leash was wrapped around my ankle... the dog just yanked me out of the ground both feet in the air landed on my back an left wrist. he dragged me a couple of feet before coming to sit next to me... i was screaming from pain ..cold sweat ....nausea you name it.. nobody was around in the park...after moaning for 20 mns on the ground i drove back home and to the hospital.....broken wrist but not an opened fracture and scaphoid is ok...4 weeks no gym..bummer