Hey guys. I am brand new to this site and am looking for some advice.

I am currently at the end of a 10 week cycle (4 days left) of:
Test Prop 150 EOD wk 1 1-10
Winstrol 75mg/day Wk 1-7
Mast 150EOD wk 3-10

I am getting married in October and want to do a cycle up until my wedding. I am looking to do a 12-14 week cycle consisting of:
Test cyp 500mg
Primo 800mg
EQ 500mg
and close out with a50mg anavar for the last 6 weeks.

I would need to start this cycle mid July which leaves only 9 Weeks including PCT between cycles. I understand the rule of thumb is time on is time off, ques is do I do PCT and start the new cycle even though it is a short recovery time or do I cruise on 200mg test for the 9 Weeks, then jump into the cycle in July and PCT after the summer cycle.

Also, should I throw HCG in asap and run it throughout the cruise and next cycle?

This is my 5th cycle. My last cycle was over last summer.

I am 6'4 230 12%BF.

THanks for the advice in advance.