Totally new to this, so I apologize if I'm supposed to post this in a female section.
Began my first cycle of Var yesterday at 10mg/day. No other supps being used aside from some green tea extract. In 2011 I weighed 230lbs. Got down to 133 and competed in a bikini comp a few weeks ago. (placed well!) Over the course of my prep, I lost a significant amount of LBM thanks to improper coaching/ calories and carbs too low/ too much cardio. I'm a hard gainer, and I am determined to make it to the figure stage next year. I have big goals.. I'm talking WBFF pro goals.


Gain as much LBM as possible

10mg/day upping to 15mg/day after 7 days.
6 week cycle

Basic numbers I've been putting up:
155 x 8

145 x 8

Leg press:
360 x 6

20 x 8

Military press:
30 x 6

Wish me luck!