Sorry about all the website issues over the last week. We have now taken steps to ensure it will never happen again. The website should be 100% now and orders should go through with no issues. If anyone does encounter a problem can you please let me or JJ know by posting in this thread.

Loads of people have ordered our products in the last few months so we look forward to hearing more stories about your experiences. It's good to see various logs and posts regarding our products too. We are here to establish ourselves as the very best.

The BOGO will run for the rest of May so everyone can get a great deal. Please remember to get the deal you have to add the total number of items you want into your shopping cart. So if you want 10 x cjc-dac add 10 and apply the code and you pay for 5. If you want to try 1 item you might as well add 2 as you will only pay for 1! To get the deal click on the banner in your favorite rep's signature and use code MBOGOF. Thanks