Ive always been a BULKING guy. I'm gonna try to lean up A BIT but still pack on some lean muscle. My cycles were ALWAYS some variation of test/deca/dbol. I was at 240lbs and 5'11'' but ive since incorporated cardio into my lifestyle and started the Paleo diet and knocked my weight down to 225lbs in almost 2 weeks.

I tried Masteron in my last cycle, however, its was a disaster as i didn't rely on it for estrogen control (due to the advise here) so i used Aromasin WITH the Masteron and CRASHED my estrogen. I had ZERO libido on Masteron, none...could barley get an erection lol. I was so excited to take it because i had tried proviron in the past and walked around with a glass cutting boner all day. But i digress...

Just ordered a lot of Anavar from MLG. I'm going to do a basic Test Cyp/Anavar cycle. This is my first time using anavar. I'm excited as its a compound mostly used for cutting. Does anyone have any reviews of MLGs var? His d-bol was POTENT as hell so im assuming his var will be no different.

Placed the order earlier this week. Ill let know how the T/A is without going into specifics.