Hello dear customers;


What privileges i can do with VIP MEMBER CARD?

1- You can buy ''Every Product'' with freeshipping
2- You can buy ''Every Product'' with %25 discount during 1 year.
3- You will be privileges customer so you will take advantage of our each promo on boards.. We will send email about our promos '' Freebies , give aways'' On all boards so you will be informed before everybody. So you will get the advantage of our all promos .
4- We will publish your body photos in out VIP MEMBER ARENA.. So you can be famous.
5- Limited Products Like '' ephedrine '' will be emailed to our VIP members firstly..
6 -You will have 2 codes for %45 discount which can be used for all products You can use it in 1 year.( you can not use freeshipping code with this)
7- And you can get bonus products with your orders upto 200 $ ( Proviron bayer , Bitiron or Clenbuterol)

How to get it ?

1- You need to be registered customer of steroidforyou.com
2- You need to pay 100$ for 1 time .
3- Have Fun..

For more information please contact : sirericgreen@gmail.com

Eric Green
Sales Manager