Hi Guys,
I am a first timer, and have done some research prior to starting anything. I've been training for some time, and my BF% has dropped. I would like it to drop down to about 8% however before going on to anything else so I am going to do a cycle of Clen (I know it's not an AAS).
My plan is to start in a few days with 40mcg (2 days on, 2 days off) for about 4 to 6 weeks. I've also bought L-Taurine (I've started today on 5mg a day). I have potasium and magnesium on hand if needed.

So basically:
-40mcg for 6 weeks + creatine + protein + vitamins (herein CPV)

Once I am down to a decent BF%, I plan on taking Anavar. The ones I have are 10mg tabs. I have a total of 150tabs.

My plan is to start at:

-10mg a day for a week + CPV + Milkthistle
-50mg for 4 weeks + CPV + Milkthistle
- PCT for 4 Weeks. + CPV + Milkthistle

I think I might get away with doing a lower dose for a longer period, but I am not sure as I can't gauge how I will react yet. I am fairly sensitive to meds usually. What do you guys think?

As importantly, I really don't know what to use as a PCT. SERM, or SARM? Can I just buy those over counter stuff like A-HD by bpi? I'd like to avoid going to the Dr. for a PCT. Can I use the PCT stuff they sell with pro-hormones?