I am 24, 5’9, 20%bodyfat 65kg. My last trainer put me on a men cycle in last year. I was dumb enough to believe him. My body weight stucked for almost 12 months, finally reached 61kg last week all of sudden i gain back all my weight for no freaking reason. I tried circuit,always lifting heavy ass weight,tried cheat day,fasting...sometimes I drop weight sometimes I gain weight with same calories same macro ..very frustrating.. Need comprehensive advice.

From 1st March 2013 I started off with 0.5ml of TC twice aweek.

21th April 2013
clen x 5 everyday
GH 20cc every day
Trend75 Mazt Prim TP half ml twice a week

11th June 2013
GH 20cc every day
clen x 5 everyday
Tren75 Mazt Prim TP 1ml twice aweek

1st July 2013
GH 20cc everyday
Clen x 5 everyday
Trends75 Mazt Prim TP 1ml twice aweek
1ml Winstrol three times aweek

I got someone who had my last trainer's stuff tested on lab and I was told all of his stuff were feak .

I st April 2014 till
T3x3 everyday
Clen x 4 everyday
Anavr x 2everyday

CLA x 4everyday
Fatburner x 4everydy

1st till 14th May 2014
+Lacix x1everyday

Any one who have similar experience please share, I desperately need solution.