Hey everyone, I had my heart set on doing a ph cycle before I did any real "steroids" but after reading and hearing all the negative feed back, I decided pinning would b safer, as damn close 2 easier. So I only know 1 guy personally that injects, and he's been at it for about 3 years. I trust him, and think we have a good plan, but thought I would get others input before we start. I'm 5'9, 145 pounds, and around 12-15% body fat. Obviously, I'm looking for a "bulk"cycle. Here's the kicker, we live an hour away from each other, and was only wanting 2 have 2 inject test one time a week, so how many mg's would u recommend being my first cycle? The planned cycle is:
Dbol-25 mg's a day
Test- ? Mg's a day
Cycle length-8 weeks
Liver support-milk thisle,lots of 100%cranberry juice/water
That being said, give me ur opinions on the amount of mg's u think I should use, and for how long. Example, if I do 25 mg's of dbol, should I go more or less through the cycle? Also how many mg's of milk thisle? Like it said I'm brand new too this, and want to get it right. He is going to do the injections for me for a couple weeks until I learn, and other than that I just want someone else's opinion on how much of what I should use. The only other supplements I've ever used aside from protein,creatine, ect. Is mhp t-bomb test booster, and anabeta test booster. Thx in advance for the feedback, and plan too start on Monday.

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