Currently running Test Prop, Mast Prop, NPP and will be starting PCT in a little over 2 weeks.

I've recently tamed some gyno with adex, nolvadex, and caber.
-I ran Adex at 1mg ed for almost 2 weeks and am slowly tapering it back to .5mg ed before switching to aromasin for the beginning of PCT.
-I bumped Caber up to .5mg ed and am now back down to .5mg eod
-I'm still running Nolva at 20mg 2x/day(40 total ed)

The last 10 days of the cycle I'm pinning 1000iu of HCG eod and I'll start a small dose of Clomid at this time to allow blood levels to buildup before all androgens are out of my system. My plan for PCT is 50mg of Clomid ed for 4-6 weeks eventually tapering down to 25mg during this time as well as Aromasin during the first few weeks.
My question is...since I'm running Nolva now for gyno, should I just continue to run it into pct and stop it before Clomid? Or should I run it past Clomid?

Just looking to hear how others who had gyno symptoms going into PCT handled it...