so its been almost 3 months since i left the gym due to a motorcycle accident. im back in it now, with a personal trainer. not really sure which direction i should be going when it comes to the dieting... i asked him how i should eat, and he told me not to concern myself with the number of calories or the macro break down... he said dont eat fast food, to just eat small meals, serving sizes, and dont eat past 9...

gonna disregard that advice of his, and dial my diet in. but not sure with the training he is doing if i should be consuming above/below my BMR needs... the goal is to get me leaned out, toned up and strong... ill give you an example of fridays workout (do this 3 times a week, diff types of exercises each day tho) maybe you guys can help me pick a direction with the diet...

25yrs old
maybe 14 or 15% bf? not sure

30 pushups (x2)
20 ball squats w/ 30lbs kettle (x2)
20 str8 leg deadlifts w/ 30lbs kettle (x2)
30 calf raises w/ 20lbs kettle (2x)
30 bench rows w/ 55lbs (x2)
30 bench press w/ 125lbs (x2)
30 lat raises w/ 25lbs resistance rope (x2)
20 bicep curls w/ 20lbs (x2)
20 tricep extension w/ 20lbs (x2)
and then a bang load of ab exercises.

no breaks. no rest. by the end of the workout (if i am even able to finish) i am dying. covered in sweat. and i ususally throw up.

lemme hear what you guys think,

and ps. i am also supplementing quite heavily too starting tomm