No one is really talking about GR around here anymore and i want to start it up again.....He has some of the best gear on the market that i have EVER used...hands down i run all his shit now... i threw in 40mg a day of these dbol blue hearts and HOLY FAWK i have blown up....i have put on 8 lbs in less than a week and hit a new max on bench yesterday !!! 315 for 6 on incline bench baby !!! weight is finally above 200 and I'm about 206 now. Loving this blow up look for summer. Blowing up with water looks good when you start lean !!! Plus i find when i get LEGIT dbol you blow up...but its more of an intra-muscular blow up...when you have shitty dbol you blow up with sub Q water and look like a whale. Just what I've realized.