First off I'd like to thank Evolution Peptides for giving me the opportunity to try out their peptides. With all the fly by night peptide companies that are coming out it is nice to have a risk free trial of some great peptides. Heard great things about Evolution's products so im hoping they perform as well as they have for others.

I will be running more of a maintain/lean bulk. Not trying to diet but also not trying to bulk and get fat. I am looking to ad size with adding the least bf possible. Very hard to do but with the use of peptides and a clean diet and cardio thinking it can be done. Id like to all out bulk but its about that time to head to the beach so cant be too out of shape.

I will be doing a 12 week run with CJC w/o DAC and GHRP 2. I will be dosing both at 100mcg first thing in the morning, post workout and before bed.

Diet will be clean and on the lower end of carbs during the week but on the weekends it will be more of whatever i want to eat (within reason).

Started the peps yesterday. I hit Shoulders and tris. All i can say thus far is that my apetite is up. Really looking forward to the results. Here was my workout from yesterday:

i dont count reps i go for basically as many as i can do or until i feel the burn. and usually on the last set i will either do a triple drop or rest pause

Reverse fly: 4 sets of 20
Db shoulder press: 1 warm up set and 4 working sets
Smith BNP superset upright row: 4 sets
Seated DB side laterals: 3 sets but each set was a triple drop
Standing DB front raise: 3 sets
DB shrugs: 4 sets

Cable press down: 5 sets with a triple drop at the end
Incline Skull crusher superset with db over head (one arm): 4 sets each

then also did some ab work with 30 fasted cardio in the morning, just a slower incline walk.

Will throw up some pics of the product and some pics of myself for you guys. If you all want me to post the reps i can try. I will put up my meals from time to time because usally they do not change.