Didn't know where to post this, so I figured here was as good as any spot. I wanted to warn everyone about an old source that is running a scam. IPD1 has been my go to source for years, I hardly get on here as I had thought that I had found a very reliable source. It is my own fault for not checking the current sponsor area. This is what happened, in early Jan I emailed Bruce Lee asking for an updated list, he replied with in a few hours. The next day I placed a quite large order and sent the funds. Bruce Lee said he had received payment and would get everything shipped a-sap. I have since received no product or a reply from IPD1 "Bruce Lee". I have emailed his rep Mr.AK and still heard nothing. I wanted to warn everyone else about this so it doesn't happen to you unless you are looking to make a donation. If anyone knows someone I can contact please let me know.