***at this point in time this log contains the use of pramipexole, huperzine A, cjcDAC, GHRP2, and ipamorelin***


This morning at 5:30am I took 200mcg of huperzine A on an empty stomach. Huperzine A is a somatostatin inhibitor. It's important to inhibit the release of somatostatin in order maximize HGH levels. Somatostatin is part of the bodies set of checks and balances system that regulates the amount of active HGH in the body. When HGH levels are too high the body secretes somatostatin to bind to HGH so that the HGH doesn't fit into the HGH receptor which renders the HGH useless.

cjcDAC and GHRP2

One hour after I took the huperzine A, I took 150mcg GHRP2 and 100mcg cjcDAC. CjcDAC only needs to be administered weekly as it remains active for up to 16 days but I plan to take it with each GHRP2 or ipamorelin injection. Thanks to huperzine A blocking the somatostatin, it allowed the GHRP2 to work to full capacity so the GHRP2 hit real hard causing me to sweat profusely. The appetite increase from GHRP2 is just what I'm looking for as I'm in bulk up mode.

CjcDAC causes constant HGH bleed which really burns fat and keeps the muscles full all the time. Yesterday afternoon I took my first dose of cjcDAC at a fat dose of 500mcg along with GHRP2 at 150mcg and .1mg pramipexole. I ate triple the normal amount of food I eat per meal. I then tried to nap and ended up going to the gym and trained delts, traps, and calves.


This is my first run with pramipexole. After the gym I decided to take a big dose of pramipexole at .5mg. I did this because I read prami releases approximately 4ius of HGH at this dose and inhibits somatostatin for 4 hours. Huperzine A inhibits somatostatin for 5.5 hours but it is a neurological stimulant and I only want to use it in the morning and afternoon. I learned from dosing prami so high that it knocks you out so in the future I'll only use it before bed. After taking prami I ate and went to bed at 6:30pm and didn't get up to eat until this morning.


This morning I woke up looking quite different than usual. My muscle had a better look to them. The muscle bellies were round and full, plus I had less subcutaneous water, most likely due to not eating for 12 hours and the fact that I got up to urinate a good 8 times in that 12 hour period. I keep water mixed with crystal lite lemonade on my bed and drink it all night so I get up to urinate a lot. The look I had this morning really impressed me. This is a real nice stack!