So just finished the Mastebolin. Absolutely loved the Mast. So now I am on to running the Winstrol EOD.
Along with the Rexogin I dosing 35 mcg T3 morning then 35 mcg around 3pm.
Stomach is finally starting to flatten out and firm up. Diet is on point. I actually feel hungry as opposed to just eating to eat. Typically I eat every 3 hours.
As of yesterday I am down 3 pounds.
If I can drop 3 pounds a week for the next 6 weeks I should be as lean as I was when I was 22!
I may need more Rexogin amps not sure yet. I might try the orals and throw some Pharma Mix into my cycle after the Rexogin. I really would like to try this stuff it has Tren, mast and prop. Only issue is that prop usually flares up existing gyno. I am currently taking Letro EOD but I am at the point where I don't think it is shrinking the tissue any more just keeping it from getting worse.