I am often asked certain questions about N2 GUARD by beginner Bodybuilders. The main questions are whether or not one should use N2 GUARD during Post Cycle Therapy and just how important N2 Guard really is?Many people think that N2 GUARD is simply for on-cycle use and, although that is one of its main functions and qualities, it can have great positive effects during Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) as well. Cleansing the organs after the steroid cycle is an important practice that is often overlooked, yet it has a tremendous amount of importance for long-term health.The most important part of every Steroid cycle is Post-Cycle Therapy. If you do not properly recover then you will lose some or even all of your muscle gains, as well as several other health issues that can arise. Some of these health issues can be extremely dangerous and can pose a long term threat of organ disease. There is a strong misconception that the only important part of PCT is the stimulating and restarting of testosterone production. While that is of the utmost importance, one must remember that our organs have been put through shock during the cycle and their functions will suffer even after cycle. Our organs need to be repaired to continue working as efficiently as they did before the Steroids, and this is where N2 GUARD comes into play.Some of the often overlooked issues that the body has to deal with during Post Cycle Therapy are as follows: hormone fluctuation, toxic stress on liver, stress to the kidneys, increasing blood pressure, pressure on the endocrine system, impaired functions of multiple other organs, cortisol control problems, high Estrogen, overtaxing on the kidneys and the list goes on... N2 GUARD helps the Bodybuilder to recover from the Steroid cycle, so that side-effects won't affect muscle growth and we can keep our gains while staying healthy.All of the chemical chaos that your internal anatomy faces during and after a steroid cycle can be extremely toxic and dangerous. N2 GUARD helps to rid your body of these toxins and to get your body functioning back to normal. Once you experience the internal relief that N2 GUARD provides, the recovery becomes far more effective and efficient. The quicker the recovery, more likely that those muscle gains from all of your hard work are retained.As you can see, like all N2BM.comproducts, N2 GUARD has a tremendous value to the Bodybuilder using Steroids. I felt that it was very important to provide insight on another area that is extremely important and that needed to be addressed, which is recovery after the Steroid Cycle is done.N2 GUARD has become a staple in every cycle and now in every PCT, all to ensure your health is maintained throughout and recovery is much more effective. Remember that your health is the most important part of your life and ensuring good health should be priority number one. Make sure to utilize N2 GUARD and ensure your good health!