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    Question Cycle Product Question

    I'm new to this world, I had a "Brotege" that introduced me to Bravo Labs products, No idea where he got the stuff but it worked. I'm 25 and I'm in a career that I can't grow too fast or I'll be tested and kicked out. My "Brotege" had me on the following cycle:

    Loading phase:
    (2 wks/ 4 Injects)
    1.5cc Test Cyp 250
    .5cc Decca
    1/2 Dropper DBol 2x (day/night)

    1cc Test Cyp 250
    .25cc Decca
    1/2 Dropper DBol 2x (day/night)

    Since my brotege left for a "long Vacation" and I am out since I am on my off phase,I need to resupply. What do you suggest I take and would you reccommend the same dosage/ cycle?

    Thanks in advance

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    the doses are low bud.. i wouldnt worry about packing on weight to fast its not like it happens over a month's period. it happens over 3 months it will not look un-natural.... you should be running test cyp 2x a week 1 ml each and 400mgof deca/2.... so yes two injections and you can put them in the same needle... so roughly, depending on the dose of the deca you will have about to 2 cc's of liquid in each inject, say monday/thursday.

    I am not sure what the dose of the dbol is, but splitting it into two is a good idea.. you are going to want to take atleast 25mg everyday divided by 2

    I hope this helps... since its your first cycle these are perfect dosages ... normallly I would tell you just to take the test at 500mg a week and skip the deca, but since you already started it and have had no issues you are good to go..


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