So while we have not run logs here Id like to give you guys an inside view to how logs went elsewhere.
These are reviews that are posted elsewhere on the net. Not designed by me in any way.

Follidrone should be available mid to late next week at Orbit.

Dosage- 10-10 Simple dosing and no need to take so many pills throughout the day. 30-45 min pre workout is all you need. Started at 2 pills pre workout and went 4 pills the last 3 days and didn't feel any difference. Sometimes more isn't better. Might be worth going 4 pills if ran more than 4 weeks but I didn't get to experiment that long.

Strength- 10 out of 10 This was determined on muscle endurance and pushing more weight in terms of more reps and sets.

Endurance- 12 out of 10 This was the number 1 effect and lasted all 4 weeks. Effects came immediately.

Pumps- 8-10 Pumps were insane. Came around week 2. Pump seem to last a hour or so post workout too.

Mood enhance- 0-10 Didn't really get any mood change.

Aggression- 6-10 I won't call it aggression but I did always want to go harder and I believe it's because of the enhanced endurance which made me want to go harder and longer.

Stamina- 10-10 Stamina was great.

Muscle fullness- 10-10 Muscles looked full after week 1.

Focus-8-10 Focus was on point. Again all positive effects might be contributed to the excellent endurance effects this gives. Mind to muscle focus was in tact.

DOMS- 8-10. I give it a 8 here. Didn't get any DOMS week 1 but week 2 and 3 were extreme. Always came around the 2 or 3rd workout and lasted all week. On my last week (4) I didn't get any DOMS. My assumption is it diminishes after week 3 if ran longer than 4 weeks.

Overall-10-10 Great all around supplement. Gave everything you would hope for in a supp. Not one complaint. Very effective from day one and only got better. This got me very lean while gaining 2lbs.

Final thought- Very effective in any situation. I see this being great during and after a cycle. I wouldn't run this any shorter than 6 weeks at least. I feel this has much more to offer and would be a waste to run it for only 4 weeks. Great to stack with anything. I loved every minute of this run. My next run will be 8-12 weeks.

Dosage- Very simple 2 cap dose. Too new to say for sure, but it would appear that taking them pre workout is good. Although, I don't know if it really matters because this is not a supplement that you "feel" and my opinion is that it builds in your system, so time of day may not matter much. For my run, all my caps were taken about 45-60 min pre workout with a small amount of protein.

Strength- This I am going to put at an 8. Something would have to blow my mind to get a 9 or 10, so for an OTC, this is quite good. I added reps to the top end of almost all my big compound lifts, which I was working on for several months leading up to taking FD. I cannot say if it was coincidence that this happened, but the fact that I was taking FD for several weeks before this happened, leads me into my point about FD possibly needing to be built in the system.

Endurance- This is the real deal here. As mentioned, this is not a supplement that you "feel" and you feel normal- until you are at the point where failure would normally come into play. This provides that extra gas in the tank to push through previous barriers or plateaus. My personal feeling is that the people that will see the most benefit are experienced lifters that know where their current limits are and what they are capable of. To add a single or double rep at the 1-2RM is quite remarkable and as I mentioned in my log, it took a few weeks to get there. Is this the body preparing itself to be able to do this by increasing endurance? I do not know, but it happened.

Pumps- I did not notice much in terms of pumps, but I do not work a lot in a "pump" range. By the middle of the run, people were noticing that I looked thicker and fuller, so something was happening. Possibly something with cell volume. Weight went from 206 to just under 212, where it remained steady for 2 weeks after rocketing up fairly quickly.

Mood- No change at all in this regard.

Focus- This was elevated despite not having a feel from FD. I think it was mental because you start to have confidence knowing that you can go longer and train harder at the end of your rep/set range and this has you approaching your workout differently. I was thinking about how I could push myself to that next level and focusing more on each move and making certain form was staying true.

Conclusion- I am a 40yo on TRT that has been lifting seriously for 23 years and I am very in tune with my training, diet, and fitness in general. I honestly feel that this is a product that people looking to get to the next level will enjoy- whether this be in the gym or other sports/athletics that involve endurance and recovery to be at a high level. To push the body to the limits multiple times a week without breakdown is a great feat and to have this happen at 40 is proof enough for me.


I am currently running Follidrone and logging it. I am doing these unsponsored and I have never even tried any of BLR's other products, so there is no affiliation/loyalty here. I am 24 years old, and starting off at 198 lbs and I primarily train for strength training (with a bit of conditioning). I am planning an 8 week run, but for those interested in a 4 week run, these are the effects I have noticed. Note: I run 2 caps pre-workout only.

Week 1 Effects:
- Gained 3 lbs (201 lbs)
- More definition/looking leaner
- More endurance
- Better recovery
- Slightly increased libido

Week 2 Effects:
- Great endurance (either through muscular or nervous fatigue, because I'm barely taking breaks and still pulling off sets I couldn't do before and I don't feel mentally drained)
- Strong pumps (comparable to when I stacked ArA/Anabeta/Hemavol)
- More definition (I have been eating recomp style calories and my back/lower mid section/arms are becoming more defined.)
- Body weight increase has stopped (I'm sitting at 203 right now, up from 198 all the way back at the beginning of the log)

Week 3 Effects:
- Great endurance
- Increase in top-end strength (could be indirectly or directly related to increased endurance)
- Great Pumps

Week 4 Effects:
- Deload Week

Week 5 Effects:
- Pretty much the same thing as always. Great endurance and I feel like I can squeeze out more top-end reps
- Pumps are strong

Week 6 Effects:
- Pretty much the same thing as all of the other weeks. I don't think this is a supplement that needs "saturation". It seems to work right away and work constantly.


Follidrone as a supplement has all the markers of something great. Easy to dose, increased weight with a decrease in BF according to my mirror: aka recomp. Strength, in 1RM and 10RM, went up greatly. I hit PR's on multiple lifts on multiple occasions. Endurance, whether it be cardio or lifting, was immediate and definitive. A 30 day run provided me with 9 lbs. LBM which was noticable by people I see on a regular basis, with no sides what so ever. All of my info may be anecdotle, but I will undoubtedly be purchasing more Follidrone on my own dime when it is back in stock. This is the first natty supp I have taken that has met all of its claims in my estimation. I have taken others that have met some claims, or even most, with some success, but Follidrone met them all with great success.


Dosage : Very simple 2 cap dose pre workout about 30-45min and 2 cap wake up non training day.
Strength : 10/10 for the first 4 weeks but over week 4 it increase.

Endurance: 15/10 Pumps : 10:10.

Mood- No change at all in this regard.

Vascularity : 10/10.

DOMS : weeks 1 and 2 was tough.

Conclusion : I am a 33 years personnal trainer and MMa educator during the presale on NP I took 3 bottles ( 2 for me and 1 for my customer ).
Follidrone was a stranger, I was very skeptical but I decided to spend my money anyway. I leave a very hard diet, I needed something to help me keep my strength, my endurance without changing my diet 5 days without carbohydrate and 2 days high carbohydrate.
Week 1-3 endurance, pump, vascularity and DOMS was amazing. I think follidrone prepares the body and accumulate in your system and boom everything falls into place from week 4.
I took 4 pounds in four weeks without changing my diet and still shredded, I have added more reps on all my lifts and recover quickly between sets. So follidrone really works !!!!!! Tomorrow I start my second bottle, I think there will be surprises until the end of this bottle!!
I'm really not disappointed to have purchased follidrone, BRUDEL please restock.
You know my affection for 2 companies PES and EBF now Black Lion Research is one of them.


in 4 weeks

10RM's: (start...end)
DB Row: 95x10 --> 100x10 (+5lbs)
Pull-ups: 30x10 --> 30x19 (+0lbs)
CGLPD: 160x10 --> 180x10 (+20lbs)
DB Press: 85x10 --> 95x10 (+10lbs)
Inc BP: 185x10 --> 205x10 (+20lbs)
MP: 155x10 --> 165x10 (+10lbs)
BB Curl: 95x10 --> 105x10

Arms: 15.75" (+.55") (Right) 16.25" (+.75") (Left)
Chest: 42.5 (+.5")
Waist: 29" (+.1")
Quads: 22.25" (+.56")
Calves: 14" (+.25")
Forearms: 11.5 (+0")

Gained 9.4lbs while also being sick midway thru. Results speak for themself


THis guy was fasting and gained 4lbs lol

Dosage- 10/10 Simple dosing. I took 2 pills 30-45 minutes before workout and 2 pills in the morning on off days.

Strength- 10/10 Strength increased on every lift.

Endurance- 10/10 I noticed the endurance boost since day 1 even though many said it was placebo. The endurance stayed constant throughout the 4 weeks.

Pumps- 9/10 Pumps were crazy. Came around week 2.

Mood enhance- 0/10 Didn't notice any changes.

Aggression- 4/10 I didn’t notice any aggression either but I did have the will to keep going.

Muscle fullness- 10/10 Muscles looked full after week 1.

Focus-8/10 Great focus. I had awesome mind muscle connection going with this.

Overall-10/10 Great all around natural supplement. I gained 4lb while looking leaner especially around the midsection. Muscles seem harder and fuller and definitely more vascular. No side effects.

Final thought- Great supplement for any occasion. I recomped nicely even though I fasted all day and only ate 1 huge meal a day along with a PB&J sandwich with milk right before bed. Now that I know what Follidrone can do with a crappy diet, I will be running another bottle, as soon as it’s back in stock, but I will be breaking my fast at noon and be adding more calories.